Privacy Policy

Personal Data
Within the context of the provision of its services, Drooms (division of Duinrand Trading) records data when you request information, order a brochure or have any other type of contact with Drooms. Drooms uses your data to send you the information you have requested. When you have completed a hotel contactform on the website, your information will be used only once to send you a reviewform by e-mail. In addition, Drooms records data in order to improve its services and to keep you informed about (new) Drooms products and services and about the activities of third parties. Drooms uses your personal data to inform you about website improvements, special offers and campaigns, taking into account your preferences. If you do not wish to receive any offers or information, you can withdraw your permission for the use of your email address by sending an e-mail to support@drooms.nl, or you can have your data blocked by sending a written request to Drooms, Postbus 78, 2150 AB, Nieuw Vennep. (The Netherlands).

Site Visitor
Behaviour The Drooms website records and updates some non-identifying basic information from its visitors, such as the number of pages served and the level of demand for specific pages, for example. This helps Drooms to measure website activity and improve its website. The information gained from this can also be used to add more specific information to the site, making it possible for Drooms to provide its visitors with better service.

Use of Cookies
Drooms uses cookies when offering its services. Cookies are small, basic files of data that are stored on your computer’s hard disk. Drooms uses temporary cookies that contain no personal data and whose sole purpose is to make the website more user-friendly.

Drooms and Other Websites
The website contains a number of links to other websites. Although these websites have been chosen with care, Drooms cannot accept any liability for the way in which these third parties handle your personal data. For further details, please read the privacy statement on the website that you are visiting, if there is one available.

Any Questions?
If you have any questions or comments concerning the Drooms privacy policy, please write to Drooms, Postbus 78, 2150 AB, Nieuw Vennep (The Netherlands), or send an e-mail to support@drooms.nl.

Drooms reserves the right to amend its privacy policy. We therefore recommend you to check the Drooms privacy policy regularly.

Nieuw Vennep, May 21 2012

Registered at the Haarlem Chamber of Commerce under number 34172661.